What day and where are the practices?

  • Practices will be held a hour prior to the game at the Under the Lights facility, unless the coach wants to organize a practice during the week voluntarily. There will be a designated practice area for the teams on gameday.

Who will be the coaches and how do you become a coach?

  • We encourage parents to participate as coaches as we promote a fun filled family atmosphere in developing proper sportsmanship. To become a Coach please select the appropriate box on the registration form. Every coach must have a current background check. You can find the Background Checks on the Helena homepage.

How do I request a friend or coach for my childs team?

  • On the registration form it will ask you "Friend Request" and "Coach Request",

How do I form or register a team?

  • Each team requires 9 players on the roster, to organize a team please have each player either request a Coach or Friend on the registration form. The software will filter the request and assign the players to a team.

What does my kid need to wear for games?

  • Every player will need a mouthguard.
  • Under Armour Performance Game Shirt and Raid Shorts are provided to the players.
  • The choice of wearing the provided shorts and other brand shoes is the players decision.
  • ALL shorts worn for competition must have NO pockets!

What type of football will be used?

  • Kindergarten - 4th Grade will use Pee-Wee football.
  • 5th - 6th Grade will use Junior football.
  • 7th - 8th Grade will use Youth football

Can my child play in a younger division? Example: A 3rd Grader playing in the 1st-2nd Grade Division.

  • NO. A player can never play down a division but can always play a division up.